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Rescue center aids confiscated pets

Alex Martínez watched the tree on the edge of his property as he called, “perrrrro, perrrro, perrrro.” Minutes later, a scarlet macaw appeared. The vibrant red, blue and yellow bird appeared healthy, with a limp wing the only remaining sign that it had been struck by a slingshot and captured to be sold as a … Continue reading

Native trees revive rainforest

Residents of Sarapiquí, Costa Rica, are trying to repair their environment, one tree at a time. Country-wide clear cutting of land for timber and agriculture in the 20th century resulted in the destruction of the rain forest. Some organizations are now promoting reforestation to slowly restore what has been destroyed. Rampant deforestation in Costa Rica … Continue reading

Environment inspires Monteverde artists

Art imitates life at Casa de Arte Monteverde, a studio and gallery located in one of the most diverse ecosystems in the world. Much of the artwork reflects the surrounding Monteverde cloud forest, in which one can find more than 400 species of birds, 700 types of butterflies and thousands of types of plants. The … Continue reading

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