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Native Texan, Arizona Wildcat alum, Anchorage-based journalist
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Ecotourism in Cahuita

Walking down the one major road in Cahuita, Costa Rica, you can hear reggae music booming from tiny shops and birds chirping in the distance, see locals lounging in hammocks and sloths curled up in the tops of trees, and smell delicious food from roadside stands. The Caribbean vibe is tangible in almost every facet … Continue reading

More than a bird’s-eye view of deforestation

Costa Rica is one of the most biodiverse countries on the planet. But deforestation has had far-reaching effects on many of the 875 species of birds living there. Clear-cutting and logging has led to loss of habitat and species From the 1950s to the 1980s, clear-cutting was a popular form of logging in Costa Rica, … Continue reading

People pose a threat to bats

At The Bat Jungle in Monteverde, Costa Rica, tourists squint in the dark to see the tiny mammals darting through the air in search of fruit to gnaw on. The tour guide rattles off dozens of bat facts in a matter of minutes, including the importance bats have in seed dispersal. These nocturnal creatures have … Continue reading

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