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No easy solution for Tárcoles contamination

HEREDIA, Costa Rica – Some rivers in Costa Rica are among the most polluted in Central America after decades of contamination – sewage, runoff from plantations and industry – but the Tárcoles River takes the grand prize.  The Tárcoles River pollution is predominantly sewage and fecal contamination, which can cause vomiting, diarrhea, and infections in … Continue reading

Women artists educate and create

SAN JOSÉ, COSTA RICA – “Campesina conservacionistas” are changing attitudes and making an extra buck by educating their communities about the importance of recycling and by giving new life to items found most often in the trashcan. ReciclArte, based in San José and operating as a project within the Costa Rican environmental non-profit organization Asociación … Continue reading

Caterpillars as architects: Building habits may point to different species

PALO VERDE NATIONAL PARK, Costa Rica –– Most caterpillars are like stubborn teenagers – their rooms are a mess. But this is not true for the Hesperiidae. Better known as “skippers” for their quick and darting flights as butterflies, Hesperiidae tend to keep their shelters clean as caterpillars. Like really clean. It’s a skipper family … Continue reading

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