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Yielding for Wildlife

SAN JOSE,  Costa Rica – Why did the sloths cross the road? “It’s not that they have to cross, it’s where they were already living,” is the answer Esmeralda Arevalo-Huezo gives. A biologist and member of the Comité Científico de Vías y Vida Silvestre, she is among a core group of people spearheading an effort … Continue reading

Amor en el Tiempo de las Tortugas

OSTIONAL, Costa Rica – What does it take to dedicate your life to the preservation of another? According to Wendy Cruz, director of the Estación Biomarina Arribadas in Playa Ostional, the answer is love. “Our nature is to love. Humans were made for love, I think,” Cruz said. “If people love themselves they’re going to … Continue reading

Orchids: The Hidden Treasure of Monteverde

MONTEVERDE – Small and soft-spoken, Gabriel Barboza leans over a fallen tree to point out a hint of greenery protruding from damp bark. Barboza, known in the small mountain community of Monteverde as “the orchid guru,” is an expert on this tiny epiphyte found only in Costa Rica. “I appreciate and love orchids. More than … Continue reading

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