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Monteverde Conservation League still working to protect forest land, educate public after 27 years

MONTEVERDE, Costa Rica – Attending meetings, visiting classrooms and schools, organizing volunteers – Bob Law is a busy man. The 73-year-old birder’s charisma and passion for rainforest conservation are evident in his knowledge about the Monteverde Conservation League. He is, after all, one of its founding members. After working for the Asociación Conservacionista de Monteverde … Continue reading

Coffee fungus affects small farms, climate change may be factor

HEREDIA, Costa Rica – A short drive north of the country’s capital lies the community of San José de la Montaña. Winding roads and climbing hills lead up to the quiet and vastly green area where businesses and homes dot the roadside. Nestled on a hillside sits a small coffee farm that has been producing … Continue reading

Organization for Tropical Studies celebrates anniversary with developments in sustainability

PALO VERDE NATIONAL PARK – Driving down a one-way, dirt road, visitors are surrounded by dense, green trees entwined in curling vines. As the tunnel of foliage clears, a small building with several trucks parked out front comes into view. The sign on the door reads, “Organization for Tropical Studies.” As the bus doors open, … Continue reading

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