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Ecotourism in Cahuita

Walking down the one major road in Cahuita, Costa Rica, you can hear reggae music booming from tiny shops and birds chirping in the distance, see locals lounging in hammocks and sloths curled up in the tops of trees, and smell delicious food from roadside stands. The Caribbean vibe is tangible in almost every facet … Continue reading

Sloth Sanctuary

Jeff Rochte was your average Las Vegas, Nevada, native teen. Unsure of what direction to take after high school, he traded in the city lights, casinos, American restaurants, and his friends for one thing: the Aviaros del Caribe Sloth Sanctuary. It was a dream that grandparents, the founders and owners of the sanctuary, had many … Continue reading

Rescue center aids confiscated pets

Alex Martínez watched the tree on the edge of his property as he called, “perrrrro, perrrro, perrrro.” Minutes later, a scarlet macaw appeared. The vibrant red, blue and yellow bird appeared healthy, with a limp wing the only remaining sign that it had been struck by a slingshot and captured to be sold as a … Continue reading

Bullet Ants

They’re the insect version of a handgun, known for the world’s most painful sting. These bullet ants (Paraponera clavata) hold a venom that can leave victims in agony for weeks. Entomologist Justin O. Schmidt, creator of the Schmidt Sting Pain Index, rated a bullet ant’s sting as the absolute worst, describing it as “pure, intense, … Continue reading

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