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Coral reefs contaminated, some making a comeback

By Caitlin Watters The reefs surrounding Costa Rica add to its rich biodiversity but have slowly been destroyed because of contamination in the water. The Pacific and Caribbean sides of Costa Rica have suffered damage but are starting to regrow in some areas. This video illustrates reefs on both coasts.

EARTH gardens reuse and recycle

A quick peek at innovative uses of bicycle rims, plastic bottles and other castoffs finding new life in the garden. Projects by EARTH University students in Costa Rica.

A world away: Liberian student in Costa Rica

Washington Tahookuwah, age 25 School: EARTH University in Guácimo, Costa Rica Hometown: Gbernge, Liberia Family: Mother, father, two brothers Studies: International Tropical Agriculture Tahookuwah traveled across the Atlantic to get the training he needs to carry out his ultimate goal: “to build a system to help other people understand sustainability,” and to educate communities on … Continue reading

Q & A: Wendy Almeyda

Age: 20 Hometown: Lima, Peru Family: Mother, father, two sisters and dog, Bambi. Studies: Forestry engineering and agronomy at EARTH University in Guácimo, Costa Rica Almeyda was admitted to EARTH University, home to students from 23 countries, after completing a rigorous application process. Many students who attend the university come from impoverished backgrounds and receive … Continue reading

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