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Recycling Center: The Hidden Gem of Nosara

NOSARA, Costa Rica – Dida Rios Castillo finds that smashing glass bottles relieves a great deal of stress. Hellen Rojas Porras enjoys knitting, teaching others and the camaraderie she shares with her nine female co-workers. Melissa Arrieta M. crafts beautiful baskets both large and small out of newsprint. These women are just three of the … Continue reading

Amor en el Tiempo de las Tortugas

OSTIONAL, Costa Rica – What does it take to dedicate your life to the preservation of another? According to Wendy Cruz, director of the Estación Biomarina Arribadas in Playa Ostional, the answer is love. “Our nature is to love. Humans were made for love, I think,” Cruz said. “If people love themselves they’re going to … Continue reading

El Niño: Kiss of death for turtle eggs

GUANACASTE, Costa Rica — Annual rainfall has decreased by 52 percent this year in the Guanacaste region, according to the Instituto Meteorologico Nacional, affecting the hatching rates of turtles in Ostional, a mass nesting site for the Olive Ridley species.

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