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A Social Songbird

Copious diversity is defined in the all too precious rain forests of Costa Rica. A symphony of birdcalls and songs, a cacophony of insect buzzes and chirps and sweet floral aromas fill the sticky morning air. At 5 a.m. sharp, biologist Mike Wells is in position, armed with his binoculars and parabolic microphone, at the edge … Continue reading

Native trees revive rainforest

Residents of Sarapiquí, Costa Rica, are trying to repair their environment, one tree at a time. Country-wide clear cutting of land for timber and agriculture in the 20th century resulted in the destruction of the rain forest. Some organizations are now promoting reforestation to slowly restore what has been destroyed. Rampant deforestation in Costa Rica … Continue reading

Saving the birds

Drifting along the murky waters of the Puerto Viejo River, we have our cameras ready. We listen to the low hum of the boat’s engine until it suddenly cuts off and the driver points. Turning our heads to the right we spot a Tiger Heron. Shutter clicks sound as we capture the moment. We know … Continue reading

More than a bird’s-eye view of deforestation

Costa Rica is one of the most biodiverse countries on the planet. But deforestation has had far-reaching effects on many of the 875 species of birds living there. Clear-cutting and logging has led to loss of habitat and species From the 1950s to the 1980s, clear-cutting was a popular form of logging in Costa Rica, … Continue reading

What’s good for the poison dart frog is good for the rain forest

The “blue-jeans” poison dart frog, also known as the strawberry poison dart frog, is small in size but serves an important role in La Selva Biological Reserve in Sarapiquí, Costa Rica. The frogs are easily recognizable with their bright red head and back and blue legs that make it look as if they are wearing … Continue reading

A researcher’s paradise: La Selva Biological Institute

Costa Rica is a country known for emphasizing its biodiversity and conservation practices.  In the world of tropical studies, one particular Costa Rican research center reigns among the most prominent: La Selva Biological Institute. La Selva is a station in Sarapiquí nestled in the Caribbean lowlands of northern Costa Rica.  Located near the intersection of … Continue reading

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