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A world away: Liberian student in Costa Rica

Washington Tahookuwah, age 25 School: EARTH University in Guácimo, Costa Rica Hometown: Gbernge, Liberia Family: Mother, father, two brothers Studies: International Tropical Agriculture Tahookuwah traveled across the Atlantic to get the training he needs to carry out his ultimate goal: “to build a system to help other people understand sustainability,” and to educate communities on … Continue reading

Q & A: Wendy Almeyda

Age: 20 Hometown: Lima, Peru Family: Mother, father, two sisters and dog, Bambi. Studies: Forestry engineering and agronomy at EARTH University in Guácimo, Costa Rica Almeyda was admitted to EARTH University, home to students from 23 countries, after completing a rigorous application process. Many students who attend the university come from impoverished backgrounds and receive … Continue reading

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