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Native trees revive rainforest

Residents of Sarapiquí, Costa Rica, are trying to repair their environment, one tree at a time. Country-wide clear cutting of land for timber and agriculture in the 20th century resulted in the destruction of the rain forest. Some organizations are now promoting reforestation to slowly restore what has been destroyed. Rampant deforestation in Costa Rica … Continue reading

People pose a threat to bats

At The Bat Jungle in Monteverde, Costa Rica, tourists squint in the dark to see the tiny mammals darting through the air in search of fruit to gnaw on. The tour guide rattles off dozens of bat facts in a matter of minutes, including the importance bats have in seed dispersal. These nocturnal creatures have … Continue reading

The unsung heroes of Monteverde

Bats have always played an important role in the ecosystem of Monteverde, Costa Rica, but they remain misunderstood and feared. In Monteverde and all around the world, bats act as pollinators and seed dispersers, regenerating forests and keeping several species of flowers and other plants alive. Residents of Monteverde used to kill the bats thinking … Continue reading

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