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New Orchid Garden Opening in Monteverde

MONTEVERDE, Costa Rica – A new orchid garden being cultivated at the Monteverde Cloud Forest Biological Reserve is projected to open in September. Orchids are one of the many unique organisms found in the richly biodiverse ecosystems in Monteverde. But they face threats from poaching and climate change. Gabriel Barboza, an orchid specialist at the … Continue reading

Bagging bat myths with conservation education

MONTEVERDE, Costa Rica – Bat expert Richard LaVal places plastic tarps onto the hood of his 2002 Kia Sportage in preparation for a night of mist-netting, or trapping. He has been researching bats, including the impacts of climate change in Monteverde and surrounding areas, for nearly 40 years. Now 77, he is not interested in … Continue reading

Orchids: The Hidden Treasure of Monteverde

MONTEVERDE – Small and soft-spoken, Gabriel Barboza leans over a fallen tree to point out a hint of greenery protruding from damp bark. Barboza, known in the small mountain community of Monteverde as “the orchid guru,” is an expert on this tiny epiphyte found only in Costa Rica. “I appreciate and love orchids. More than … Continue reading

Cloud forest mecca to get paved road

Community leader Rafael Eduardo Arguedes is an active participant in Foro de Monteverde, which updates followers on the status of their initiative for improvements on a narrow stretch of road leading to Monteverde. In this interview, he discusses (in Spanish) the importance of better infrastructure. MONTEVERDE, Costa Rica – The walls of thick green forest … Continue reading

Monteverde Conservation League still working to protect forest land, educate public after 27 years

MONTEVERDE, Costa Rica – Attending meetings, visiting classrooms and schools, organizing volunteers – Bob Law is a busy man. The 73-year-old birder’s charisma and passion for rainforest conservation are evident in his knowledge about the Monteverde Conservation League. He is, after all, one of its founding members. After working for the Asociación Conservacionista de Monteverde … Continue reading

First it was the Golden Toad: Amphibians at risk across the globe

MONTEVERDE, Costa Rica – Walking along dirt trails engulfed in darkness, participants at the Wildlife Refuge night tour in Monteverde have only narrow beams of light from small flashlights for guidance. On this cool July night, tourgoers are treated to sights of insects that resemble leaves, a trio of rare oil birds, and a mother … Continue reading

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