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Organization for Tropical Studies celebrates anniversary with developments in sustainability

PALO VERDE NATIONAL PARK – Driving down a one-way, dirt road, visitors are surrounded by dense, green trees entwined in curling vines. As the tunnel of foliage clears, a small building with several trucks parked out front comes into view. The sign on the door reads, “Organization for Tropical Studies.” As the bus doors open, … Continue reading

A day in the life of a caterpillar chronicler

PALO VERDE NATIONAL PARK, Costa Rica – Dressed in a green tank top and tan cargo pants, 24-year-old graduate student Christina Bear looks ready to go. The University of Missouri-St. Louis doctoral student is in the heart of the Costa Rican wetlands at Palo Verde National Park to study plant and insect interaction. For the … Continue reading

Caterpillars as architects: Building habits may point to different species

PALO VERDE NATIONAL PARK, Costa Rica –– Most caterpillars are like stubborn teenagers – their rooms are a mess. But this is not true for the Hesperiidae. Better known as “skippers” for their quick and darting flights as butterflies, Hesperiidae tend to keep their shelters clean as caterpillars. Like really clean. It’s a skipper family … Continue reading

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